Hôtel des Gorges de la Diosaz

A bit of history

The origin of the name derives from the Latin « serva » denoting a wooded and damp place.
2500 years ago, the site of Servoz was occupied by a huge lake covering much of the present valley. Because of various landslides, the lake gradually disappeared.
Servoz had been inhabited by the Ceutrons, the Allobroges and then by the Romans.
The small village of Servoz appears in the history with the constitution of the parish « Notre-Dame du Lac » during the XI century. Dependent on the Faucigny family and then on the Savoie family, Servoz saw the establishment of a few noble families, one of which erected the castle « Saint Michel », of which there are still some ruins. In 1537 the current church will be built, in the Bouchet hamlet. It is the oldest baroque church in the valley of Chamonix Mont-Blanc.
In the 18 century, at the beginning of the tourism in the region, Servoz was on the path taken by the first travelers who came to discover the glaciers of the Chamonix Valley: a risky path, hardly suitable for vehicles.
The famous « Montées Pélissier » were feared. Servoz became a necessary stage, Some inns appeared there.
The annexation of the Savoie to France in 1860 and the visit if the emperor Napoleon III who came to see his new lands, will be at the origin of the construction of a road finally worthy of the name !
Growing numbers of visitors will regularly stoped at Servoz.
Numerous paintings and lithographies realized by artists and visitors shows us a peaceful, green Servoz dedicated to agriculture and pastoralism.
Nowadays, Servoz and its hamlets remain to discovered.
Here we appreciate the calm, the serenity of a quiet village, but with a rich past.